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I was born in Berkeley, CA and raised in various cities across the Bay Area. I took an interest in baking at a young age watching my mother in the kitchen. I remember being so fascinated by the nature of it all. Baking is the perfect coupling of art and science. Each measurement has to be precisely-so or it could drastically change the outcome of your product. Growing up, I would love whenever my friends/family would have a birthday or celebration because it meant I could further develop my craft. I continued to bake here and there throughout high school and college. After receiving my Bachelor’s degree from Howard University and a brief year of getting my life together at home, I decided it was time for a change of scenery and relocated from the Bay Area to Atlanta in the summer of 2017. I started a full-time job in Operations, where I would bring in treats periodically to the office. It wasn’t until I received multiple inquiries on when I was opening a bakery, that I realized I could really make a go at this whole ‘baking for profit’ thing. I started taking on orders and increased the complexity of the goods I was producing, forming my L.L.C. in the process. I am currently still fulfilling small-medium batch orders out of my single oven kitchen, excited for what the future may hold for me and my growing business!


Atlanta, GA 30309